How to Use:

The uses of generic Valtrex online include slowing down the growth as well as spread of the herpes virus. However, this medication is not a permanent cure for the virus; instead it will help in lessening the symptoms of this infection.
Some other uses include treating children suffering from chickenpox and cold sores. However, this medication cannot be taken to treat viral infections such as flu or the common cold.

How to Use Valacyclovir Tablets:

This medicine works by causing a hindrance in the reproduction of the virus. It does not allow the virus to multiply and spread to the other healthy cells.
It must be taken in the exact manner as prescribed by the medical practitioner. Never take the medication in larger amounts, and for longer than advised. The directions mentioned on the prescription label can also be followed. It may be taken either with or without food.
Do not abruptly discontinue taking it, as this could cause some withdrawal symptoms. Users can get more information on Valtrex dosage from our online pharmacy and prompt customer care service.

Missed Dose and Overdose:

In case you have missed your regular dosage, take it the moment you remember it, but only if there is sufficient gap between the missed dose and the next scheduled dosage. Do not take a double dosage in order to make up for your missed dose. Consult the medical practitioner if you are in doubt.